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交通案内 Traffic Information

  • バスでご来館の方
  • 徒歩でご来館の方
  • [東名静岡ICから] 東名静岡ICを降り右折(国1方面)。1つ目の信号を右折しSBS通りを東へ約2km(約10分)
  • [JR静岡駅から] JR静岡駅から南へ約2㎞(約10分)
  • 当館所有の専用駐車場がないため、アピタ静岡店様の駐車場・駐輪場(無料)をご利用ください。
  • 福祉車両・大型バスでご来館される場合は、駐車場を確保するため、事前に電話予約(054-284-3216)をお願いいたします。

Traffic Information

I will guide you on how to get to the Suruga Museum.

【Public Transport 】
  • For visitors arriving by bus
    From the JR Shizuoka Station South Exit, take the Shizutetsu Bus from Platform 21 (marked by an orange pathway, Minami line) via Nakada. Alight at the "Suruga Ward Office & Shizuoka Shimbun-sha Mae" bus stop. It's a 3-minute walk from there.
【By Car】
  • From the Tomei Shizuoka Interchange
    Exit at the Tomei Shizuoka IC, turn right (towards National Route 1). Turn right at the first traffic light, and continue on SBS Street eastward for about 2 km (approximately 10 minutes).
  • From JR Shizuoka Station
    Head south from JR Shizuoka Station for about 2 km (approximately 10 minutes).
【Parking and Bicycle Parking Information】
  • As the Suruga Museum does not have its own dedicated parking, please use the Apita Shizuoka store's parking and bicycle parking facilities (free of charge).